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Welcome to our "Temporary Tent" at Good Shepherd


The church is often described as the "Ark of Salvation", not meaning that membership of it is a mechanical guarantee of ultimate heaven, but that, as St. Cyprian (205-258) bishop of Carthage wrote 18 centuries ago, “Outside the church there is really no safety.“  Thus we pray that God will keep it, knowing that so long as the vessel remains unharmed there is always the chance that the passengers, one and all, may arrive safe at their journey's end: And we do not travel alone in our own boats!


Some years ago, I coined a phrase, at Good Shepherd; we offer a “Temporary Tent".   Some have come and gone and some have stayed a while and left for another church, some have come and left straying back into the world and some have come and stayed.


Our purpose at Good Shepherd is to offer a "Temporary Tent", God's church on earth, the Church Militant, a church where you are loved and cared for in the spirit of Jesus Christ, a fellowship of believers, where the “Fullness of the faith" is practiced and lived and where the sacraments are offered.


In truth it is a temporary tent in more ways than one. Because the permanent cathedral is in heaven “The Church Triumphant” with our heavenly father, when one day we all will pull up the stakes of our temporary tent and go to the father and be at home in his permanent residence in heaven, and you will feel right at home because you were a part of his earthly kingdom.


Father Michael Robertson

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