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Crossing the Rainbow Bridge

Father Michael's latest book, "Crossing the Rainbow Bridge" is on Oklahoma books.  And the previous book, "Are There Giraffes in Heaven? What About Hipopotamuses?" you can purchase at the site and read the authors page. Go to "" click on each book by title and click on authors page

Will I See My Pet In Heaven
Rev. Michael Robertson feels certain there’s a place in heaven for all of God’s creations.
Pets in Heaven.jpg

Robertson said his parishioners often asked him if they would see their pets in heaven, which prompted him to publish two books on the subject. The first was called “Are There Giraffes in Heaven? What About Hippopotamuses?” The sequel, published this year and which continues the adventures of the brother and sister introduced in the first book, is titled “Crossing the Rainbow Bridge.”

Robertson’s wife, Mary, is co-founder and president of Paws for Life, which raises money for the Edmond Animal Shelter. His older daughter is a veterinarian and his younger daughter is a retired K-9 police officer.

“I believe we have a much bigger crisis on our hands than global warming,” Robertson said. “It is the mass destruction and extinction of entire species by the hand of mankind. The only answer is to love, protect and respect all of God’s creations and critters.”

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